As of January 11, 2013 The Paragon Group ceased business operations. Diversified Systems, a locally based optical media services company, has agreed to assist and support current Paragon customers with their CD and DVD duplication, printing and packaging needs going forward. Located in Redmond Washington, Diversified has 20 employees. We are financially sound, occupying a 15,000+ square foot facility offering direct to disc printing, duplication, packaging and assembly services for CD, and DVD users throughout the Northwest and across the country.

If you are a current or former Paragon customer, Diversified Systems will be able to provide the same level of service and support you have received in the past. Diversified maintains a large inventory of media and packaging items, provides full color digital and offset printing, up to 6-color silk-screen printing, and a duplication capability that allows us to produce over 30,000 duplicated and printed discs each and every day. We are the largest facility in the Northwest offering optical media printing and duplication services. We have a solid 30+ year reputation for providing outstanding products and services at fair prices. A number of employees, familiar with current Paragon customer requirements and needs, have joined Diversified to assist with the support and transition of Paragon customers looking to continue with their applications.

Please contact Linda Kokanovich (425-947-1522) or Ashley Sambrook (425-947-1518) to discuss your current situation today. Linda and Ashley are top notch customer service representatives familiar with Paragon Group customer needs and applications. They will be able answer your questions and concerns and assist you in making the transition to Diversified Systems as smoothly as possible. You may also visit us at We are looking forward to working with you.